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Jena Domingue
November 24, 2015 | In Good Taste, Wine | Jena Domingue

Lookin like a Bag O' Money


Who else thought you were looking at Solange’s wedding photo?  I fell in love with these pretty little wine bags from Restoration Hardware, at first glance.  See, I would buy these for gifting, secretly knowing, they were really for me, and way too cute to give away.  So let us back it up.  It’s the holidays, you will be popping in and out of events for the next 30 days and I would never let you go in looking tacky, so- that brings us to a very important discussion, HOSTESS GIFTS. 

If you are over, let’s say, 24 years old and you are invited to someone's  home, you absolutely should arrive with gift in hand for your host.  It need not be overly expensive, an easy go to is always wine.  I suggest picking up a bottle- $15.-$30. is more than generous.  The host will be thrilled, and you look like the star that you are.  I also suggest grabbing a silky little dress or cute robe for your bottle.  Ditch the brown bag, and put on something fancy.  Voila!  One side note, your host may have preplanned the wine for the evening so, don’t expect them to open it that night, it’s a gift.  Well done, and you arrived in style.  I like to make things easy on myself this time of year. Ordering 6 bottles and keeping them on hand for parties, or surprise holiday guests is a smart solution. With UrbanVino, every bottle tells an awesome story you can share with your friends.  And hey, delivery is FREE.  Happy Holiday, always in good taste.


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